The Undead .... Live!(beta)

Entomb your character.

862 Newly Buried...

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Update: Building the class/race flavored stat blocks.
Update: We're working on CR-scalable templates beyond skeletons, class appropriate loot and gear, and search capabilities!

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Seith Aldruin

Level 7 Tiefling Paladin
"Shielding your party from a fire elemental while already half dead, not always the best idea."

Thorin Ironfist

Level 1 Dwarf Barbarian
"Was hit by an exploding rat and then hit by two death explosions."

Ardin Wolfinstein

Level 5 Half-Orc Barbarian
"Fought Hard And Well, But Not Hard or Well Enough To Basically Solo A Oni... "

matier dawnstone

Level 5 Human Warlock
"was taken from us by an oni, which froze him into an ice cube"


Level 8 Kenku Monk
"He killed an evil god with an evil god (Caught in crossfire)"

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Level 3 Gnome Cleric
"Was taken from us by a critical hit, torn apart by clockwork beetles"

Eldred Agar

Level 4 Human Fighter
"The prophecy still stands"


Level 2 Aarakocra Monk
"Charmed and mercifully put down by his party"


Level 1 Half-Elf Warlock
"Went to the great beyond by way of an infernal toilet. He thought it was an underwater passage to adventure. ..."

Fenris "The Wolf"

Level 4 Elf Ranger
"A wood elf whose god's symbol was a tree, was killed, by a falling tree."

Gwynneth Bear-Tooth

Level 3 Human Barbarian
"Was polymorphed into a sheep by a halfling wizard, and shoved into a bag of holding, where she suffocated to d..."

Skorm the Clumsy Rogue

Level 1 Half-Orc Rogue
"Stepped on a cat tail, tripped and fell into a pile of bells, knocking over a fog horn, and alerted every enem..."

Hogposh Muguffin

Level 5 Gnome Ranger
"Made a delicious dessert for a family of Manticore. "

Mateas Syrrana

Level 7 Human Sorcerer
"Destroyed by his arch-nemesis, an ancient witch. She threw a fireball, and used FINGER OF Death on his unconsc..."


Level 3 Human Rogue
"Accidentally molested a tavern waitress while high, so the bouncer smashed his face in with a warhammer while ..."


Level 5 Human Sorcerer
"Jumped down a cliff in a Hell dungeon while the party rested and was torn to shreds by Undead"

Crozhul The Constructor

Level 9 Undead Human Death Domain Cleric
"Sacrificed himself using a cursed item to allow his team to live."

Murfon Whitewolf

Level 9 Human Bard
"Taken from us thanks to a thoughtless Thunderwave."

Geoff T Loudermilk

Level 9 Human Bard
"Taken from us thanks to a thoughtless Thunderwave."

Zachery Pashfire

Level 4 Human Druid
"Slain by a pirate crew of Bugbears whilst out for vengeance on behalf of his wife, family and friends."
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