The Undead .... Live!(beta)

Entomb your character.

1,176 Newly Buried...

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Update: Building the class/race flavored stat blocks.
Update: We're working on CR-scalable templates beyond skeletons, class appropriate loot and gear, and search capabilities!

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Ezrah Thyella

Level 6 Half-Orc Cleric
"Was taken too soon by an Oni's cone of cold."

Tapatecol Ixmac (Jezebel Notsnyk)

Level 6 Yuan-Ti Pureblood Warlock
"Lost her last hit point to a Purple Worm while trying to escape the dungeon."


Level 2 Human Ranger
"Taken from us by very dramatic sacrificial suicide in the Death House. Forever his edginess shall live in our ..."


Level 8 Kobold Ranger
"Downed by a relentless Pursuer, bled out as the party was stalked to a TPK."

Mellow Cake

Level 5 Tabaxi Bard
"Staked through the heart by a team member after it was discovered she had become a vampire spawn"

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Ichabod Gamblesnout

Level 3 Gnome Artificer
"Was obliterated by a demon's fireball while hugging his sahuagin ally, who convinced him it was all his fault."

Sila Vandark

Level 1 Elf Warlock
"Was shot fatally by a low-level bandit."

Bromos Sunstar

Level 6 Human Ranger
"Brain Sucking Ilithid, got him at the top climbing a rope in the tower of a Yuan-ti Stronghold."

Griz the Reptile

Level 4 Lizardfolk Fighter
"Fell off a rocky bridge while trying to retrieve a stolen object from a Yuan Ti."


Level 4 Goblin Fighter
"Was devoured after a 1-on-1 against a young green dragon."


Level 6 Tiefling Warlock
"Was stabbed to death in her sleep for being "evil"; whatever that means."

Sullasar "Sully" *the Heartless* Kreldix

Level 9 Dragonborn Barbarian
"Surrendered his life to save the witless Bard"

Aiya Galavir

Level 5 Elf Monk
"She was sacrificed as a means to summon the inevitable end."

Temperance Talandra

Level 5 Tiefling Warlock
"Wanted to avenge the death of a wizard she barley knew in the Feywild."

To Nhão

Level 5 Human Sorcerer
"He was a noble sorcerer, dead fighting a dragon."

Bungary Hungary

Level 2 Gorilla Paladin
"Got chopped up by a literal cyborg, during first session."

Zup Wimbleton

Level 1 Gnome Alchemist
"He got the last laugh as he was stabbed to death by a junkie whose juggernaut mutagen wore off seconds later."

Ondro Vix

Level 8 Human Druid
"Left this world after the evil sorcerer Praxis violently exploded his guts, leaking bodily fluids everywhere. ..."

Ingrid Heimsdottir

Level 5 Human Sorcerer
"Was surprise attacked and subsequently burned to death by a juvenile remorhaz "

Hunter Sandrix

Level 5 Tiefling Monk
"An abomination of this hulking Hobgoblin beat him to a pulp and impaled Hunter vertically on his Buster sword."
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