The Undead .... Live!(beta)

Entomb your character.

867 Newly Buried...

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Update: Building the class/race flavored stat blocks.
Update: We're working on CR-scalable templates beyond skeletons, class appropriate loot and gear, and search capabilities!

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Level 5 Human Sorcerer
"Jumped down a cliff in a Hell dungeon while the party rested and was torn to shreds by Undead"

Crozhul The Constructor

Level 9 Undead Human Death Domain Cleric
"Sacrificed himself using a cursed item to allow his team to live."

Murfon Whitewolf

Level 9 Human Bard
"Taken from us thanks to a thoughtless Thunderwave."

Geoff T Loudermilk

Level 9 Human Bard
"Taken from us thanks to a thoughtless Thunderwave."

Zachery Pashfire

Level 4 Human Druid
"Slain by a pirate crew of Bugbears whilst out for vengeance on behalf of his wife, family and friends."

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Michâlun Dayflare

Level 3 Half-Elf Cleric
"He was taken from us by a pair of dopplegangers whilst protection his niece, the Draconic Sorceress Katniss. "


Level 3 Kenku Cleric
"Stood in front of an angry dragon."

Oscar Griffwood

Level 3 Human Paladin
"Died in an unsuccessful gunpowder plot, slain by Thoros the Thick"

Daryl Snakeswallower

Level 5 Tiefling Rogue
"Choked to death on a large snake"

Merric Greenleaf

Level 3 Halfling Ranger
"Bitten in half and swallowed by a bulette."


Level 5 Elf Artificer -- Gunslinger
"Nym fell victim to long hours of torture by the people who killed his family. "

Alfarr Sigranacson

Level 7 Half-Elf Bard
"Collateral damage from a Chain Lightning"

Eldon Rivenbolt

Level 2 Gnome Fighter
"Betrayed by a kobold while fighting a goblin."

Gabriel McDowell

Level 7 Human Cleric
"Drank from a mountain spring with a rock etched with the word 'Beware' besides it. Was drawn to dive within it..."


Level 3 Dwarf Fighter
"Smashed to a pulp by an angry undead ogre tho whom he threw a massive holy-water barrell."


Level 3 Human Paladin
"Fought to protect her allies, died to their sins. Forever be remembered, fearless Child of Bahamut."

Glorp shmaerp

Level 3 Half-Orc Barbarian
"Stood bravely to fight the dragon venomfang, will unwavering as his wizards abandoned him to save his own skin..."

Gontank Dustbiter

Level 3 Gnome Artificer
"Got one shot by a dragon's fire breath standing behind three of his companions. "


Level 10 Human Bard
"Killed by a Chain Devil when the party was trying to save a city from a fiend invasion"

Prototype XT-49

Level 20 Warforged Monk
"After surviving a Lich and a death tyrant he was insta-gibbed by PW Kill"
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