The Undead .... Live!(beta)

Entomb your character.

1,162 Newly Buried...

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Update: Building the class/race flavored stat blocks.
Update: We're working on CR-scalable templates beyond skeletons, class appropriate loot and gear, and search capabilities!

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Roude Dhaer

Level 2 Aasimar Warlock
"Was stuck down by The Captain while trying to liberate a slave camp."

Wren Teaghlach

Level 5 Human Druid
"Eaten by an ooze after a nat 1 death save"

Dragon Tails

Level 8 Tabaxi Warlock
"Dimension Doored into a room with four dual wielding Thri-Kreen. They instantly killed him with eight stabs fr..."

Jonas the Silvered

Level 8 Triton Oathbreaker


Level 6 Half-Orc Barbarian
"we opened a traped cart filled with alchemist fire and exploded "

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Level 9 Goblin Rogue
"Member of the Painthers. Took a bath in lava."

Free Needle of the High Coast Clan

Level 1 Tabaxi Rogue
"Failed to appease a screaming banshee"


Level 3 Elf Wizard
"Fallen while bravely standing up to the dragon of Thundertree"

Namira Gloomreach

Level 7 Elf Ranger
"An Undead hunter who’s love of wolves, and hatred of undead was no match for the parties lack of stealth. "

Avardh Strom

Level 5 Human Barbarian
"Downed by a lightning spell, stabilized but fell to his death when his closest friend didn't understand the gr..."

Avadrin Markov

Level 11 Aasimar Warlock
"Had his wings ripped off by an Elder Titan and then was impaled with his own Pact Blade"

Celin the Renewer

Level 2 Human Wizard
"After killing several enemies with his chill touch, he was clubbed by a charging ogre who critted him. It was ..."


Level 6 Kobold Cleric
"Eaten by his own undead"

Jerry Sava Swornedge

Level 1 Half-Orc Paladin
"Executed by a spited party member in cold blood"

Lord Koist CaPO IV

Level 9 Goliath Skeleton Barbarian
"Died in a 1v1 against the Red Queen while defending Strahd, and ultimately trying to avenge Strahd."

Shayne Ardashir

Level 1 Human Wizard
"Natural 1 on a Perception check while reading a book on his way back from a dungeon, was brutally murdered by ..."

Luxian Solaris

Level 5 Kalashtar Sorcerer
"Tortured to death in the Immortal kingdom of Baghdad. Shortly after the death of Stamphrax."


Level 5 Half-Elf Cleric
"Died trying to fight an Earth elemental, storm giant, and a giant black slime for a god weapon."

Juan Kickman

Level 4 Half-Orc Barbarian
"He wasn't taken from us, he took himself. Jumped troughout a window, making an epic entrance, and suffering a ..."

Stonda Darkeyes

Level 7 Human Ranger
"She slapped a necromancer to death and beat a skeleton to a pulp with its own arm...she never realised she was..."
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